Stone Soup for Five: skimming and skipping and my addiction

skimming and skipping and my addiction

A few days ago, a friend posted a thought provoking post  about a book review of  The Shallows.

It is post about how the internet and online media are changing the actual structure of our brains.  

And I was floored.  
For months now, I've felt that my brain has been fried.
Beyond the normal harried mom craziness.

I can't think clearly.

I can't focus on one thing for an extended period of time.

I find myself in the computer chair,
staring at the screen,
my back to my boys,
and world

before I even realize what I'm doing.

And to be completely honest it SCARES me.

I'm addicted.
My brain wants more.  

It scares me as much as doing drugs or drinking alcohol
scared me in jr. high and high school.

This is brain altering stuff.

I don't want to be addicted.

Today I was reading another friend's post about persevering in struggles and toward the end of the post she has a few Bible verses typed out...

And I skimmed through them.

Well, really I scrolled right past them.

Then I stopped.
I was doing it again... addicted to faster, more, skimming.

If anything is worth reading, it's the Holy Word.

So I went back up and re-read the verses, references, and thought through them.

I'm afraid after a decade of online addiction, it's going to take a lot of effort to get my brain back.  But I do believe I can do it (with Christ's help and prayer and INTENTIONAL living).

I'm going to spend more time face to face.

Spend more time doing things that require patience.

Spend more time outside... riding bikes, laying on the grass driving hot wheels in the dirt.

Count more blessings.

And keep the computer OFF more than ON.

Reading books, read alouds and quiet reading.

Focusing on the gifts and blessings I have in abundance.

And every time I see a scripture anywhere, 
I will take the time to slow down, concentrate, and READ it through.

When I am on my death bed, or even if I'm whisked away to Heaven quickly, 

I will NEVER wish I spent more time online.

I will NEVER wish I would have Googled one more thing.

NEVER wish I would have checked email one more time.

NEVER wish I would have scrolled through status updates for just one last half hour.




day I have left on this earth.


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  1. I'm going to share your post...hope that's you friend.
    The book Shallows just arrived...I'll skim through it and pass it along when I'm done :)
    You know I'm kidding...
    P.S. I loved this post.

  2. I loved this post! So true - especially the thoughts on skimming scripture. I don't want to do that!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great post, Kari. I can relate to the skimming/no-patience thing. Great wake-up call!

  4. Read this from a link from the hits home.

  5. Hopped over from the Chuppies - great post. Scary and true.

  6. I have so been praying about this VERY thing. Even in reading old posts, I remember taking time to pray over things I was writing about and learning and reading the Bible for much longer periods of time soaking it all in and loving the things God was teaching me. It takes constant reminders to not be consumed by things that have no weight in the light of eternity. Thank you for yet another gentle reminder, Kari!

    Lisa Pearson

  7. Oy, this totally hit me in my gut. I'm going to link to you tomorrow... today? It's midnight, but it's nightime so I'm confused.

    Thanks for being transparent, I can totally relate to this.

    Loving your blog!

  8. I followed Kira's link... Great Post!
    The Lord's instruction to me in this season of my life is INTENTIONAL. This is another area of my life crying out for me to be more intentional. I am so grateful for your insights.

    One thing I have done to speed up my FB status reading is to scroll through asking the Lord if anyone needs prayer, asking Him to point them out and stopping to read their last few post and pray. This has streamlined my computer time and I have allocated it under ministry time in my personal time management plan (yeah, it's not as organized as it sounds;) ).
    Blessings to you and your beloved ones as you live moment by moment with Spirit led Intention.

  9. Wow! Just came over via Serenity Now's blog party. This really hits home for me too! How awful that we'd skim or skip scripture to get to the next update or project... Gotta let this one sink in. Thanks for writing this meaningful post.

  10. What a thought provoking and much appreciated post! I am with you on the face to face time. Especially with the reading part - I am passionate about reading aloud with my family/children. I just started a blog about that very thing and would love for you to stop by (I know, more internet time, ugh!). Would value your feedback. xoxo michele

  11. Thank you for such warm encouragement, Kari! I so appreciate the welcome arms of this bloggy community. xoxo michele


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