Stone Soup for Five: Room PURGE!


Yesterday I was DONE!

The boys were all being whiny and complaining MUCH about cleaning their rooms.




So after lunch, while I was reading a new book called Teen Proofing, I came across a sentence that inspired me: 

"If a child has 10 toys, he will take good care of those 10 toys.  If a child has 200 toys (the average American child has at least this amount), they won't take care of ANY of them." 

And they had well over 200 in their room.... so I decided I would do something about it.

I went into their rooms with boxes and bags and just began DUMPING everything into them.  Not even sorting. Which is something I NEVER do.

I dumped, filled, and carried to the garage over and over again.
And the whole time, not one son came in to see what I was doing.
No one asked.
And, I believe no one cared.

I did leave their three favorite categories of toys.
The only toys I seem them play with regularly... 
Nerf guns
Legos (but a much smaller box)
fighter jets

That's it.  Everything else is in the garage.
This summer I'll sort through and keep the toys we want to eventually rotate through, and give away the rest or throw them in a friend's garage sale or Craigslist.

I have to say, it's so nice to know that their rooms will be super fast to clean up and care for.

And last night, my youngest thanked me for doing it and said how easy it is going to be to clean up now.

Hmmm... maybe they won't even miss the other toys?

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  1. Good for you...I am having trouble working up to a big purge of Sara's stuff...since I am make sure all her toys are educational in some way it is hard to work out what she can do without.


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