Stone Soup for Five: My Summer Reading List--in pictures

My Summer Reading List--in pictures


I have quite a few books I want to get through this summer... 

some in paper book form, some on the kindle.  

It's a big one and it's going to require me spending a lot more time with my nose in a book than on the computer, but I'm up for the challenge!!

I have a good mix (I think) of Bible study, Non-fiction, fiction, read-alouds, audio books, fiction, and classics.

 I also have another stack of reading and planning things I want to get through before school starts. Stuff I've been putting off for way too long....  


Things like:

-Writing my personal mission statement from the Maximize Your Mornings eBook.

-Listening to and planning my husband's Passport 2 Purity retreat with our oldest this summer

-Reading through the curriculum guide for the KONOS curriculum we'll be doing this coming school year.

So I filled a drawer, and will take one book out as I finish it and take a pic as the summer progresses.  We'll see where my future self ends up in 2.5 months!

I'm starting with library books that must be returned in 3 weeks:

Tempest Rising--A Mermaid YA book, because I don't think the Mermaid world could be real enough to write a good book about.  I'm thinking Ariel and Disney. We'll see.

The Husband Project--Because a friend and I desperately NEED TO GET ON THIS!  
Rob, are you listening???

Made to Crave--Going through with another friend, who is going to keep me accountable.

Raising a Responsible Child--Because I need directions!

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