Stone Soup for Five: Homemade Ranch--1.5 pts per serving!

Homemade Ranch--1.5 pts per serving!

 So on this WW journey, I realized quickly I really REALLY detest low calorie or low fat store bought dressings. They taste like plastic and I have no idea what half of the ingredients even are!  So, since I was out of the Hidden Valley Ranch packets, I pulled up a ranch dressing I saw made over on An Oregon Cottage.   She promised it was awesome and everyone loved it, so I thought I could modify to make more WW friendly too.

So instead of the 1 cup of sour cream, I used 1/2 cup of light mayo and 1/2 cup of regular sour cream.  The rest of the recipe I followed just like she had it, shook it up in my jar and YUM!  I figure it's approx 1.5 WW Points per serving and tastes garlicky and delish!  And those packets of ranch powder run around $2 a pack, so this is super frugal too!
And just what do you do when you have only chopped dried onions and not onion powder?  Make your own onion powder! 

Start with only the cheapest dehydrated onion you can find (dollar store special!)
pour into a big spoon...
smash with a smaller spoon...

And voila! Onion powder, as fine as you want it!

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