Stone Soup for Five: Dork Diaries #3

Dork Diaries #3

This morning as I was eating my cream of wheat (I love cream of wheat) and reading my Bible, our cat swatted, played, and tasted a fly.  She then jumped under the table with it in her mouth and ate it. 


With much mouth noises.

No longer feeling hungry, and ran to the computer thinking, this'll make a great status update sentence! (because I now think of life in 'status update' potential)
then I got sucked into the facebook vortex,
but was quickly snapped out of it by more mouth noises from the cat,

on the table,

eating my cream of wheat,
with her gross fly eating tongue.

Earlier this week I gave my husband a quick hair cut razor trim before he left on a business trip all week.

After the hair cut, I swept the floor, and kinda half swiped the counter with a towel, knowing I'd come back and clean it better in a minute.
Then I forgot.


I was making ranch dressing with a packet of the powder and the milk and mayo, 
and promptly knocked it over.  

All over the counter.
(and though I didn't make it a facebook status, I did, for a split second think of taking a picture of it to blog about it)

But when it spilled it all kind of fanned out across the counter.
And I have a cool little flat scraper thing.

So I scraped and scooped and ended up getting almost everything back into the shaker cup.

Then I remembered the hair cutting...

and the less than detailed swipe...

and how my ranch dressing probably has little hair pieces in it.

And I stared

and looked real close

and couldn't really SEE any hair

so I shook it up and put it in the fridge.

But if you come over to eat with us, I'll offer you the Casear for your salad.

(isn't it funny that the only time I remember that I have to make that dreaded doctor's appointment is when I write my Dork post?  And I still haven't made it... and I will forget as soon as I type this?)

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  1. I love love LOVE this post! You are hilarious!
    I think I would have done the exact same thing with the Ranch dressing.


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