Stone Soup for Five: Wisdom from the Word

Wisdom from the Word

Yesterday I was talking to and joking with a friend about how I am CONSTANTLY on the search for a new book to fix my problems (and I usually am).  

I love books. 

I love people. 

I love how people work through problems and are wiser than I am.

But really, truly, I know any wisdom worth having comes from the Bible.

But I don't always seek it out.

So for a while I thought I'd post here under its own tag about what the Lord is showing me through His perfect Word.

I'm TRYING to read through the Bible this year by reading 3 chapters a day.  It is very hit or miss, but I'm still reading more than I would normally.

Today's Wisdom from the Word goes perfectly along with my list of 1000 gifts I'm writing:

1 Chronicles 23:30
And they are to stand every morning to thank and to praise the Lord, and likewise at evening.

#24 Enough food to not weep over my own klutziness

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  1. I need to read more...I started strong but find myself watching TV in the evenings then falling into bed exhausted...I think we should get rid of the TV but sadly if I did I would miss my husband to much.


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