Stone Soup for Five: Schedules and Simplifying

Schedules and Simplifying

I feel like this year has brought with it more than its fair share of craziness and change and honestly I can't keep up with everything like I need to.

And since I'm pretty much doing this alone I have to simplify.
And streamline
to stay sane.

And sane is good.

So a couple weeks ago I built myself a half-hour by half-hour schedule to keep myself kinda on track, and it has been working pretty good for me.

Then I put the boys on a schedule for school... and that didn't work so well.
I had time goals for each subject to be completed then they move on to the next on the list.


That would be ideal probably for NORMAL kids.
Not so ideal for my boys.

There were tears, stress, fighting, stress, and more tears.

So I'm modifying again and working with DEADLINES now instead of micro-managing time.  Because I've been so focused on worrying about 'what time is it? And are they supposed to be playing now' and 'why are they fighting again?' and 'why is he crying now?'

Now I'm streamlining and hopefully clearing some space in my head so I can focus on my work (I have a small work at home business that is going down the drain because I can't carve out the time I need to dedicate to it because of the mess mentioned above).  

So I made new schedules for them.

With deadlines.

And telling them what I'm going to be doing and when (all Love and Logic techniques to grow responsibility and good choices in them).

So they have goals, deadlines, and what I'll do when.  They all know that lunch is served from 12-1pm and if they miss it, then the next meal is dinner.

I pray this will help me stop micro-managing so much and give me more time to do what I need to do, and teach them how to manage their time better.  (Of course, I'm always available to them if they have a question related to their work.)

I'll let you know how it goes.  But MY personal schedule is going GREAT and I love it. It's my constant companion during the day.

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