Stone Soup for Five: Preaching to myself --v4

Preaching to myself --v4

I stopped in to visit a good friend today and help her prepare food for a retreat for the ladies of her church.

And we talked. 

About a lot of nothing and a bit of everything.

And I told her about a choice Mr. Measure and I were struggling through.  A stupid, seemingly unimportant choice over if we should give my husband's old cell phone to our oldest.

Who REALLY REALLY wants a cell phone.

I was dead set against it.
He's irresponsible.
He's still making poor choices.
He doesn't deserve it.

I laid out all my reasons to my friend...

Her answer was simple.

"Well, maybe it'd be fun for him..."

And it gave me pause.  Seeing things through her eyes.  She, my friend who has a good relationship with her kids.  She, who doesn't realize she is wise beyond her years.

It would be fun.

And maybe parenting isn't always about if they DESERVE things.  Maybe this parenting journey also needs to have some FUN now and then.  Maybe a bit of undeserved grace in real life would have bigger returns than continual punishment?

#89 A wise friend who doesn't know she's wise.
#90 A friend seeing the fun in things when I see the opposite.

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  1. You are making me tear up. Love ya, my friend.


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