Stone Soup for Five: Preaching to myself --v3

Preaching to myself --v3

Preaching to myself

Do NOT go to bed with the house a mess!

Because then when you wake up, you're already behind.
You're already discouraged.
Your day is already out of whack.

 No matter how tired you think you are the night before...
you're even more tired the next day when you have to face this

and there is not one clear spot to make breakfast.

Then you resort to cereal
which costs too much
and doesn't fill enough

Take just 15 min before bed to put stuff away.
wipe down counters.
put things in their homes.
and your morning will go 100% better.
Just 15 min, Kari!

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  2. Thanks so much Amanda!! I love your blog! Now I get to snag a fancy I've been featured button! Awesome Mother's Day gift! Thanks!


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