Stone Soup for Five: Night whispers and read-alouds

Night whispers and read-alouds

A prayer:

I get tired toward the end of the day.
I crave quiet.
Alone time.
I want to unwind with a book, a blog, email.
I want the boys in bed.

But help me, Lord, not miss the moments to grow our relationship.
Help me remember and WANT to snuggle with them
(really, does it matter if they are in bed 15 min or a half an hour later?)

Help me remember, during this tired-weary time, to spend just 15 more minutes...
Help me bond.

The day is full of training, work, busyness...
But the evenings I need to reserve for the boys.

I need time for read-alouds again.  Regularly.  And before the book is due back at the library.
I need to snuggle under the blanket and whisper
I want to have late night taco runs, talking about their day
(even though I've spent almost the entire day with them)
I want to be able to live your Word WITH them.

Help me have the energy.
Help me remember what is important.
Help me develop and create a routine of night whipsers and read alouds.
Because I can't do it on my own.


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