Stone Soup for Five: My semi-thoughtless prayer

My semi-thoughtless prayer

At the beginning of 2011 when I was going over goals and hopes and dreams I had for that shiny new year stretched out ahead of me I said a quick prayer...

In fact the prayer was so quick, I figured it probably didn't make it to God's ears.  Just kinda a "in passing, didn't get through the ceiling, kinda hope it would be answered, but whatever" kind of prayer.  My prayer was not even a full thought...

But I think God heard it.  
 No, I KNOW God heard it.

And He must have thought "FINALLY.  Let's get to work"

My prayer:
"Let this be a year of change."

That's it.  Simple. Incomplete. Big but little.
But, I want to forewarn any of you naive enough to pray this passing-thought prayer.

Be prepared.

Big stuff will be coming your way.

In fact, don't even think it while you're reading this unless you tie on your jogging shoes and prepare to get soaked in the downpour of coming rain and struggles.

After that prayer slipped out of my conscious thoughts and I went on with life in 2011:

-my oldest failed out of his school (that I love)

-I became a full-time homeschooler to one, part time homeschooler to the other two

-I'm a mother of a teen

-We've struggled (well, still ARE struggling) through some life-altering sin issues

-I've been convicted of my hypocrisy, sin, laziness

-My youngest son's feet started stinking so bad I have to fight the gag reflex

-I've blown my budget

-We've started a new chore system with some success and some failures and mostly more attention needed from me.

-I've wasted my time

-I've realized how much I've torn down my house with contention and lack of respect.

-I am realizing how truly unorganized and flighty I am.

BUT for the first time I've been FULLY aware of all these areas.
I'm not new to blowing budgets, wasting time, and hypocrisy.
I've just never been as convicted of it before.

And it hurts.
And it is humbling.

But I know life is struggle.
And through struggle we grow.

2 Corinthians 12:9-10
“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. 

For when I am weak, then I am strong.


  1. *virtual hugs*

    We all have days like this. Don't give up hope.

  2. You do an amazing job of mothering, teaching, and organizing. Raising boys, especially teen boys is a strugle and puts you, your marriage, and your sanity to the test. God will sustain you. I will pray for you. You are loved.

  3. I identify so much with your post. Thanks for being real and sharing it! God is so good to allow us to have glimpses of who we really are. (I'm sure we couldn't handle a solid look.) I am constantly seeing my need for His grace and mercy.

  4. Kari-((hugs))! You are not alone in anything that you have put out there for all of us to read! We all have those day and thankfully we have the Lord to lean on and those around us to hold us up in prayer! Keep up the fight! You are gaining ground and it might be years before you see the fruits of your labor.

  5. Kari,
    We too have had/are having a year of many changes here. I can totally relate. Funny point to light on but... your son's feet - my sister had the same issue as a baby and it turned out to be she had too much yeast in her system. Just thought I'd pass that on. Who needs THAT on top of everything else, right?! LOL

  6. Amen sister! I am right there with you! I have suffered with that conviction for years, and the additional guilt for not truly giving it to God, for I am weak and incapable alone!

    They always say "don't pray for patience" or you'll have a lot of situations that test your patience and try your nerves, so I see we can interchange that for "change" lol! Jk - Luv u Suz


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