Stone Soup for Five: Homeschool and a blog

Homeschool and a blog

So I started a blog for my 13 yr old son.  I brought up the idea to him and we both thought it would be fun for him to update with pics he takes, and things he does.  He's excited, and I get to sneak in some writing skills work with him too.

For example: Today I asked him to write a review of a book he read.  You can't tell from reading it, but he actually loved the book:

An awesome book, it has a good  plot & is also funny. 

 After that very informative review, he wanted to know what to do to publish it.
(Yes, this is the life I lead as a successful homeschooling wannabe....)

I encouraged him (through gritted teeth) to write in some DETAILS about the book...

It starts out in an airliner and is hijacked by terrorist, that crashes. later they try to survive in the jungle with only parts of a plane & old lady accessories,while trying to have good spirits. At the end they are rescued & all become famous. 

That's where we ended today.  Each day this week I'll have him add a few more sentences into his report for more details, and then we'll work with making those sentences into paragraphs.
So that's what you do, when you don't know what to do.
I think...

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