Stone Soup for Five: Change of plans and menu prep

Change of plans and menu prep

Last night we were supposed to go to our friend's house for dinner.
So I got nothing out of the freezer,
and didn't give dinner another thought.


She called to say her daughter was throwing up and had a fever.
A lot of throwing up.
Big fever.
No thank you.

So then I was left with a HUNGRY (and he's grumpy when he's hungry) husband
and nothing ready...

BUT, I had beef and broccoli base in the freezer (beef strips frozen in sauce) with a bag of frozen broccoli.
So I grabbed it out,
Imagine THIS, without noodles... and with frozen broccoli. :o)
ripped apart the ziploc bag
and tossed the frozen chunk into the cast iron pan.

In about a half hour we had rice ready and beef and broccoli stir fry.


If I hadn't frozen it?
I would have run to Taco Bell.
And spent more money not budgeted for that.
And ate fattening junk.

Pre-prep +5 bonus points!!


  1. Awesome save! It looks yummy!

  2. Good work organized-pre-prepping lady!!!
    I still want to talk chore lanyards soon. I just need to *make* it through the next 2 weeks of school first...


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