Stone Soup for Five: Before you Panic

Before you Panic

Before you (mainly talking to myself here again) panic about the rising through the roof gas prices...

and grocery prices sneakily creeping up higher and higher...

and start thinking you need to cut some things,

like cell phone service

and cable TV

and never turn on the heat again...
Before you do that,
Try this:

Go to your bank account and add up all the unnecessary expenses for the last month.

I found some BIG holes that are draining MAJOR money from our budget.
And we're on a cash-only budget.

But for some reason SOMEONE 
hasn't been using ONLY cash.

::cough, choke::
has been cheating the Dave Ramsey system

which means
(uhm. me)
is responsible for busting the budget and causing myself to STRESS out when we pay bills!

Breakdown of my bad budget-busting month last month:

Last month, from April 6 to May 6th
I snuck, cheated, debited, stole from envelopes modified our budget by a whopping


I had NO idea.
I didn't even KNOW we HAD that much money to waste.

We're talking $11.74 at McDonalds (because it was only a 'little bit')
$34.46 on pizza (because I didn't want to bother with homemade) 
Over $25 on Amazon kindle books (oops!)
$13. for lunch out with the husband...

and on and on to the tune of over $250! 

That $250 would have more than covered the rising gas prices.
AND had enough left over to pay the natural gas bill increase.

So before you make drastic changes to your finances,
see if you need to plug those budget busting holes.

(Am I the only one in this situation?)


  1. No you are not alone with this...except we have gushers instead of trickles some months...and if we keep it up I will have to start *gasp* working instead of spending...

  2. I know!! When I sat down to write this post (after coming up short to pay the bills) I thought, oh, I'll have accidentally spent around $45 to $50!!!! Glad I'm not the only one. :o\

  3. You are not alone Kari! We are right there with you. I try to keep a mental note in my head. We are starting to do Dave Ramsey for the last month. We need to sit down before Monday and complete our first assignment for FPU (Financial Peace University) class that we are going to. Have to do it tonight cause there will be no time tomorrow. I'm sure we will find a few more holes in our plan. I think we are fully aware of where the holes are we just need to plug them. Keep up the good job that you are doing!


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