Stone Soup for Five: Planning the garden and goals

Planning the garden and goals

I planted the North garden last weekend and am working on the plan for the South garden bed and hoping to get some seeds and plants in by the end of this week.

As I was sketching out the garden box and what would go where, I started making a list of goals I have for the garden and food this year.  I really want to make full use of the areas we have because with gas prices climbing so crazily we need to cut EVERYWHERE we can!

So I have some loose goals I'd like to meet this year:
-use unused tier space beside garden beds (boxes? cut in half trash cans?) for potatoes, peppers, etc
-can and freeze tomatoes for sauces
-can green beans (so plant lots!)
-freeze chopped green bell peppers
-freeze or can salsa
-can apple pie filling
-can peaches
-make freezer jelly
-pick berries with the boys


  1. plants in the ground?...dang girlie I am planning to begin our harvest in the next couple of weeks...already got some good size green tom's hanging off of the vine :P

    Your goals are great...mine are very similar but with lots of frozen corn on the cob and pear instead of apple...cause as you know we got tons of pear trees.

    Blessings Kelsie


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