Stone Soup for Five: Garden Update April 24, 2011

Garden Update April 24, 2011

We had SUN! Glorious, warm sun yesterday!  I got some time in the North garden to get seeds FINALLY in the ground.  The peas and lettuce are in MUCH later than I would have liked, but at least they're in, and it should rain them in good tomorrow.

You can kinda see my plan written out here, in my nature journal.  Snow peas on one side, pole beans on the other, a big fat zucchini in the middle and a pepper, cukes, and lettuce in the corners and along the front.  I hope it does well.  It really stunk buying zucchini at the store last year.  That's about the biggest FAIL  a gardener could have.

The North Garden is a small 5x5 raised bed in the most sun all day, so this year I decided to put my pepper plant and zucchini in there and see how they do.  They did NOT like the South garden bed that gets dappled shade in the afternoon, so I think I'll do the lettuce other things in there this year.

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