Stone Soup for Five: 1000 Gifts... in pictures

1000 Gifts... in pictures

Tiny bird making a home in our cherry tree.

 warm fire in the cool spring evening

Good book to enjoy by the fire

 Magnifying glass fires

single stem, double flower, picked and given by my son

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  1. Is that from the bird that chews? haha!

    I'm going to let my kids try that magnifying glass fire in our fire pit too! That sounds like a lot of fun :)

  2. I started the book last week and it has been the fastest I have ever read while being this busy. I am 3/4 through it. I love it, it is life changing and I love how you are blogging it through photos :)

  3. Love that pretty white bloom... gorgeous.. I am participating in WILW too this week! hugs xo so nice to meet you, bonitarose

  4. Yes Becky, I've named the bird Chewie. ;oP

    Thank you Krystin and Bonita Rose for commenting! I'm really enjoying finding the beauty in the everyday!

    God bless!


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