Stone Soup for Five: The lost art of spontaneity... and how I'm so NOT

The lost art of spontaneity... and how I'm so NOT

I was reading a post by one of my facebook (and real life) friends about how they ALMOST were wild and crazy and ALMOST loaded up the family, a gallon of ice cream, and went visiting.

But they didn't.

And it got me thinking... When I was a girl (before cell phones, heck before push button phones) I would race to the window when I heard someone pulling up in our driveway to see who was visiting.  It was like Christmas morning all wrapped up in the opening and shutting of a car door.  

Who would it be?

Would they be bringing friends?

Would they stay for a meal?


And now?  NO ONE does it.


Not even me.

So I was thinking.. what COULD I do to be more spontaneous?  And why am I not?

For one, I'm a social dork.  I choke on my own spit.  I worry about running out of things to talk about.  I worry that something I make won't be GOOD enough (when really, if I eat ANYTHING made by ANYONE but me, it's always delicious, so I'm assuming that works vice versa too).  I hate feeling all dorky and uncomfortable around people I don't really know and worry about if they are bored or uncomfortable or wondering why the heck we're such dorks.

I blame it all on high school and the cruel, cruel kids I went to school with.


I think at the root of it, it's kinda selfish and prideful of me too.

I am self conscious (need to lose weight, and HEY, If I don't have people over, maybe they'll never notice that I'm overweight, right? *rolls eyes*)

But, really, I don't think I'm that terrible of a conversationalist, and I LOVE hearing other people's stories, especially in a situation where no one is rushing off to do something or be somewhere.

And our boys are old enough to entertain themselves.

And we have the garage cave for them to hang out with now, so we can actually have a semi-converstaion without yelling over kids...

So what's holding me back?

What's holding you back?


  1. P.S. I was going to pull a pic off the internet and typed in 'spontaneous'. And got pics of smokers and some type of ovarian surgery. Didn't think that would help. much.

  2. Hey! You said dorks are cool... You are so fun and interesting. You shouldn't feel like that. We would love to have you guys over anytime. We can snort and choke on our spit together :)

  3. LOLLL But I also occasionally have stuff stuck in my teeth too. I know! Deal breaker!

  4. Kari, I think you articulated very well what all of us feel. Maybe not in exactly the same ways, but we do! Thanks for the challenge to build closer relationships by actually being in each others' homes and not just reading each others' posts.


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