Stone Soup for Five: 72 hour kit CHALLENGE!

72 hour kit CHALLENGE!

I have a challenge for you!!

After seeing all the devastation in Japan and knowing how unprepared I really am, I've decided to do something about it and want you to join me!!

In just 8 weeks, for less than $5 a week, we're going to put together our 72 hour emergency kits for our whole family.  If you have more than 3 or 4 people in your family, it may be slightly more per week, but close!

It won't take more than a few minutes each day, and after 8 weeks we'll be one step toward being better prepared and have a bit more peace of mind too.

I'm basing my kit on Food Storage Made Easy's 72 hour kit seen here:

So here's this week's goals for you:


SAVE: 1 gallon milk jug per person in the family.  So if you have 5 in the family, save 5 jugs.

HOW TO:  After each jug is empty, take a second to rinse with water, dump, add a drop of dish washing soap and more water, put the lid on and shake hard.  Rinse again, and then cut the jug like she demonstrates on the video here.
Toss the cut and dried jugs and the lids in a grocery sack to store for later.

BUY:  (1 per person) single serving pop-top soup, pasta dish, or stew and one bag of mixed hard candies (like Jolly Ranchers).

That's it!  Remember not to throw away your milk jugs and add just a couple things on this week's grocery list!

Leave me a comment if you'd like when you are done with CHALLENGE ONE!!


  1. I'm totally doing this with you. I've been meaning to do it for years!

  2. Living in the middle of no-where and in Fl we are keep our "hurricane kit" as part of our everyday stuff...We always use bottled water for drinking because of the iron content in our well water, so are always well stocked on that count...I also have over 2 shelves of my pantry for just canned goods like soups, spag, Baked beans, foods you can open and eat with a spoon.

    Little fyi from someone that had to actually USE the kit for 4 days during 2004 hurricane season...Choose canned foods you do not need to heat to eat...If you can't go outside due to the weather conditions you can't rely on your bbq grill for heating.

    Oh see hand pump comment on your fb too.

    Other great fall backs are poptarts (no frosting), cereil bars, canned fruits, snack packs, sugar free of course...nothing worse than to be house bound with sugared up kids lol...Just keep on eye on useby dates and rotate your kits with your regular pantry stuff as needed.


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