Stone Soup for Five: What's above MY kitchen window

What's above MY kitchen window

A friend posted on her blog what was above her kitchen window, and why --and it got me thinking... my kitchen window, the one window in my whole house that I spend the most time in front of... well, it's gross.  And neglected. And needing improvement.  

It IS on the list for being replaced and repainted when we repaint and put in new flooring.  But for the last 9 yrs it has been looked through... through the food and water and paint splashes.  Never looked AT.  See our window has lots of crud in the vintage 40 yr old aluminum window rails.  The window sill is rotting out and the windows are double paned, so lots of gunk inside that is hard to get out.

But worse than that, was simply neglected state it was in.  Ya, it needs work, but it CAN and SHOULD look better!

Mostly dead plant, dirty crystal cross, half burned candle, and our Christmas jar, covered in splashes and other stuff.

So I spent a few minutes removing everything, cleaning, scrubbing, and shopped the house for things that had meaning and I would enjoy.

Sooo much better!

I've been meaning to make a sign that says this for YEARS, but never got around to it.  Today I pulled a scrap of wood out of the garage stash slapped some paint on it, printed out the font and clipart crown, transferred it, and sharpied it on.  
This is so meaningful to me because it is in reference to a short story written over 100 yrs ago about a woman who was trying to 'do it all' and everything for her husband and family was falling apart. But when she met a stranger who lovingly told her to spend her energy making her home beautiful and caring for her family FIRST, she was changed.  It is my absolute FAVORITE and most meaningful story EVER.
Here's a link to it.  Print it out.  Refer to it often.
Life changing.  (for me at least)

 This crystal (or is it glass?) cross was given to me years ago by my Aunt.  I love it here in this window to remind me of who I am (and who I'd be without my Jesus).  When the sun shines through just right, it casts rainbows across my kitchen, which makes me smile.
The little "nail" beside it was found in the backyard by one of my boys.  It is light and entirely made of wood and reminds me of the nails used to nail Jesus to the cross.  It reminds me of the pain and suffering He endured for me.

This sand castle reminds me of my hometown and birthplace, Newport Oregon.  And I love all things sea-glass colored.  I found this little flower vase jar at the outlet and love it.  That huge money jar beside it is our Christmas Jar.  We will add all our spare change to it throughout the next year or so and when it is full, we'll anonymously bless a family in need with it.
And the topiary fake plant should do much better here than my dead and wilted attempt before. LOLL

She also encouraged us to post about areas we see all the time and what they mean, and every morning, when I get up early to spend time in the Bible (which is a habit I'm working on), I look across the room to this plaque.  I first heard it quoted by the principal of our boys' school and had to write it down.  I made the plaque to remind THEM about their choices, but it has really been more of a motivation/conviction for ME than them (isn't that how life goes)?  LOL

Thanks for the inspiration Kara!

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  1. Love this post...It is funny, I was pondering my kitchen window this morning...I need to shorten the curtains and find just the right bits to put on the sill...maybe even wash the glass hehe.

    Blessings Kelsie

    PS: Maybe after next month we can get back to losing that 60 together lol


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