Stone Soup for Five: 21 days challenge--The Laundry Room

21 days challenge--The Laundry Room

When I saw this challenge, I thought "Oh good, and easy one after that HUGE UGLY toy challenge!".

Then I looked in my laundry room with new eyes.

Oh no...

It's amazing how piles just grow and grow. Everything on that dresser has a home, but just not anyone who would walk them home.  :o\

Same here... junk on the dryer, stool that is too tippy to use, fabrics, craft junk, magazines I've been meaning to read, and those red and black Ikea boxes? More fabric... but I'm going to jazz those up when I do the makeover on this room, after the floor is down... see the gray stripe pull handle I painted on one? Ya, it's going to be along those lines.

The fun behind door #1 and 2.  Ugh, what a MESS!

And one of the drawers in the dresser... crammed full of JUNK!

Wow.  Okay, so after about 2 hours of work... here's the AFTERS!  Love!

Chabo is still healing from her surgery, but loves rolling around on the floor in the newly organized laundry room!  She's also a slob with her food, so the placemat can just be tossed into the washing machine when it gets gross, rather than scrubbing the food off the floor.

The fabric storage boxes are cleaned out and will be jazzed up later... 

 I added baskets for cleaners, lint, and odd socks.

And used our old IKEA 'cookie jar' for laundry soap to get the big Costco box out of here... it was always in the way and I can't tell you how many times I stubbed my toes on that stupid thing.  It now lives in the garage and we'll refill as needed.  Since I don't have a cool vinyl cutting machine, I used word to print out the words and tied on with twine.  It works.

The inside of the cubboard will eventually get repainted when we redo the room, but for now at least it's organized and I can shut the doors and not look at the stuff.

The dresser got redone to be fabric storage and craft stuff.  So nice now my fabrics won't get all dusty from being out in the open!

So one more quick Before and After:
Very nice!!


  1. LOve! Eeek....Chabo's nekked!
    ~ Suz

  2. Georgene WickstrandJanuary 24, 2011 at 2:51 PM


  3. I would be happy if my after pix looked as good as your before lol.

    To answer your question you sent me...I have been watching your challenges but not participating...Though I do need to finish unpacking here and finish getting the stuff out of the mobile home so hubby can paint and we can sell it....Pray for me please, I need a clone to get everything finished with Sara screeching at me most of the day arg

    Blessings Kelsie

  4. I think that you have done a marvelous job! Great work!


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