Stone Soup for Five: 21 day challenge--the freezer

21 day challenge--the freezer


This freezer hasn't been organized or cleaned for at least a year. AT. LEAST.
This is embarrassing and gross and to tell you the truth, I don't know what 1/2 the stuff in here even is!

And the door

It may not look that bad... but... well... I guess I like to keep ripe bananas more than I realized.  They are great to freeze when they're overripe because they are great to bake with or make smoothies with, but uhm... how many does one family need?  Evidently this many. Or not.  I'm grounded from bananas.
But after scrubbing and wiping down, here's the newly organized fridge.
Yes, I have a basket in my freezer.
Yes, I love the basket in the freezer.

and the door

I'm only allowed to keep 2-3 bananas in the freezer. If there is more than that, I have to bake something with them.  That's right. I'm STILL grounded! 

Mr. Measure is going to be so happy that there are no more frozen bayonet like bananas to fall out of the freezer door each time we open it.  And if he's happy, we're happy.

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