Stone Soup for Five: Brassy Sassy fireplace set makeover

Brassy Sassy fireplace set makeover

Since we remodeled and rearranged our living room, we get to have FIRES in our FIREPLACE!  I knew that this summer and so picked up a fireplace set at a garage sale for $3 in all its bold, RUDE brassy glory.  I, of course forgot to take pictures... but do have some where you can kinda see all its "In your face" bright brassiness...

so today was gorgeous and I got a second to get out my primer and paint and have at it!

half primered, but wanted to show you the glaring, gold, mirror-like surface on this thing!

pieces primered, working on the wood bin thing...

All primered, ready for paint.  I chose my BFF, Oil Rubbed Bronze.  LOVE!  I sprayed it all over the primer and made sure to cover all sides well.  Let dry, and VOILA!

Yes, yes, I know the screen is still brass, but that will be spray painted with high heat black, as soon as we're gone for the day. I'll spray and run.  But look at those fireplace pieces! 

So the total cost, with primer and paint for the utensils and bin was $9!

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  1. Looks awesome...SO when are you coming to paint my heart bird cage :)

    Actually I am loving your suggestion to do it Oil Rubbed Bronze because then it will match the light pendants in my kitchen...I am also thinking of finding some wooden eggs to go inside and sit it on the breakfast bar.


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