Stone Soup for Five: Unhealthy kids + unhealthy mom = DETOX (a.k.a. Hell Week)

Unhealthy kids + unhealthy mom = DETOX (a.k.a. Hell Week)

Yesterday was a HORRIBLE day here at home.  The kids were constantly BICKERING, I was on edge trying to pay bills, plan a meeting, figure out HOW we're going to squeeze blood from the shriveled up turnip after getting increased utility bills, and the day ended in a meltdown from mom and a frustrated husband, and three very grumpy and miserable boys.

So, what did I do?  I planned.  I made lists. I PRAYED.  And I called my good friends who are not afraid to tell me the truth (though I may never talk to them again.) LOL Just kidding.

So I have an attack plan.  It's going to be ugly around here.  
Hell Week Ugly.

Of the many MANY areas we will be intensely working on before school starts (15 days) is food.  My boys are horribly HORRIBLY picky, and I realized yesterday that they are pretty  much white carb only eaters.  Plain noodles sprinkled with Parmesan, bread (I don't buy white, but it's still bread), tortillas, pizza, cereal, etc.

They are always required to take at least two bites of whatever we are eating, but their bites are minuscule. It's ridiculous, really.  And it all boils down to the fact that I'm at fault.  I haven't required more of them.  I was LAZY.  Well NO MORE!  The new drill sergeant is in town and she's MEAN!  So, we are starting our 15 day detox.  No more bad food.  We're introducing a plethora of veggies and fruits (they won't even eat FRUITS! What kid doesn't like fruit?!? mine!) and normal, healthy meals.  They will eat what we eat.  And if they don't they'll wrap it up and save it for the next meal.  Ya, it's that ugly.  And I've taken away snacks.  There will be ZERO snacks.  Nada.  Zip.  Nuthin'.

They aren't happy.  I am ecstatic! 

Lunch today:  whole grain bread with turkey, tomatoes, and lettuce, peach yogurt, cantaloupe, cheese slice, and wheat thins.

Most normal kids would probably scarf this down.  My boys are pretty sure they are going to die.

Hell week goals:
*no eating out ANYWHERE for the entire 15 days
*each meal will include two small servings of veggies and two small servings of fruit
*each item on the plate will need to be eaten completely.  If they don't finish an item, it will be wrapped and saved for the next meal and will have to be eaten before they have the next plate of food.
*Do something ACTIVE for at least 15-30 minutes a day
*There will be NO WHINING, if there is, there are consequences to pay.

Bring on Hell Week!  HOOAH!

Update:  After the first lunch, no one finished the cantaloupe--it's wrapped, saved, and ready for the next meal, and only one finished their yogurt.  There were tears.  Lord, give me strength.

Update #2: Dinner was ugly. There were tears again. But, the son that I thought would give me the most problem was actually the one who finished his lunch leftovers and moved on to dinner.  One of them has yogurt and cantaloupe to finish, and the other has just his cantaloupe.  They will go to bed hungry.  I am having a REAL hard time with it, but have to remember that this is for their own good, they won't be malnourished overnight, and it's leading to a healthier future.  Right?  Anyone?  --sigh--


  1. Hang in there Kari! This is a big challenge, but one that you will all benefit from in the end. You are on the right track-keep breathing and praying for wisdom and patience. You can all do this! You're a great mom <3

  2. You go momma, the boys will learn to like the food they find so offensive right now...They will also start feeling so much healthier and will WANT to be active....Maybe you could encourage them by playing simple yard games with them like horse shoes...the winner gets a baggie of dried banana chips (mmmm my fave as a child)

    One of Sara's fave meals is sliced strawberries, couple of cubes of cheese and crackers washed down with a yogurt smoothy...but then again she is 2 lol.

    Look forward to your updates on this project.

    *hugs* So proud of you Kelsie

  3. Release our cousins! haha just kidding! Mommy makes us eat healthy junk too! Hafa Adai!

  4. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm proud of you!!! Rob and I just started up (again) our walking at a clipped pace for 15 - 30 min. After vacation (we leave in just over a week) there will be NO MORE chips (my weakness) and NO MORE chocolate (Rob's weakness). I figure he and I are on the same page with this as he needs to lower his cholesterol (especially the bad LDL one) and I need to drastically lose weight! For myself, this all stems from bad habits learned as a teenager... I taught my kids poor habits, but caught them at the tail end and they both turned around, so it wasn't too late and this is why it's been so important to us for Jaelyn to eat all kids of foods... (and she does!) Hang in there.... Or, you could threaten them to come stay at our house.... Jazzy/Kayla could give them a few stores in that area; goat milk, yogurt, coconut milk, ezekial bread and/or tapioca wraps... lots of fruit and vegies... :o)
    <3 ya! Deb

  5. ok, I'm just catching up with what has been going on at your house with the food. Wow! Way to go! I need to be this way with myself! But I'm also scared of myself. LOL


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