Stone Soup for Five: New nightstand re-do!

New nightstand re-do!

I paid the SECOND most for a new piece of furniture for myself at the GWO a couple of weeks ago.  The MOST expensive was the entrance Drexel Heritage sofa table ($20). This night stand was a close second at $15, but I had been looking for something big but small with a decent sized drawer for my side of the bed for a while, and this one SCREAMED at me.  (And then I was so excited to redo it, I forgot my BEFORE pic again!)  But picture it a dirty old dark wood brown all over.)

I sanded the top down really well with 80 grit sandpaper and my orbital sander, then followed up with 220 grit for a nice smooth finish.  The base just got wiped down and spray painted with satin black.  No primer, no sanding... speed of impatience!

The drawer was vacuumed and lined with fabric and mod podge. LOVE it!

I LOVE the original hardware after spray painting it with light bronze.  I think it looks gorgeous!

The top was stained with the same can of stain I've been using since the beginning and still have most of the can left... mahogany stain by minwax.  Followed up with minwax wipe on poly (only one coat--because of that impatience factor again).

 You couldn't see the gorgeous grain in the top before... it was a really dark stain that was almost like paint.  I love seeing it.

Still working on the rest of the bedroom.  Got the paint color figured out and the curtains picked out from Ikea, just got to get to Ikea... and get the paint.  Slowly getting there!

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  1. This is really beautiful, kari! So rich. Never though of modge podging a fabric liner before...thanks!


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