Stone Soup for Five: Hell Week Stage TWO-- Life skillz

Hell Week Stage TWO-- Life skillz

Stage two of Hell Week (or Hell 13 days, now) is going to be life skills.  

I'll lay it out for you again.  I'm a lazy mom.  I've been convicted of that a lot lately.  The boys were getting away with things that I didn't even REALIZE they were doing!  Things like not obeying the first time, badgering or arguing with me, ignoring what I ask them to do or just forgetting to do it, etc.  It wasn't until melt-down day, that I realized (and friends pointed out to me) that all this was a HUGE part of the problem... or maybe the HEART of the problem.

I want PEACE!!

...or maybe peach.  (when I went to google search an image of peace, I accidentally typed in "peach" and thought it was rather funny.

I want PEACH!  
I definitely don't want cantaloupe anymore, after watching the boys skip three meals because of this melon!

So in order to have Peach around here, the boys are going to do more.  I'm requiring them to step up and do more around the house, and work on more life skills such as kindness, diligence, and working with excellence.

To start things off right, I've made an if/then list.  I'm hoping this helps not only the boys, but also mom and dad.  If we have a list of the items they struggle with, and a specific consequence, it will be easier.  We went over the list with the boys so they know right away what is expected, and Mr. Measure and I can refer to it instead of yelling and getting frustrated.  It's GOTTA help!

We are also redoing our chore chart, reworking our chip system (a reward/consequence system where they earn poker chips to "pay" for privileges), and requiring more of them in other areas... like they will be doing their own laundry.  So Hell Week continues with food, work, and attitudes.

Hooah (pronounced /ˈhuːɑː/) is a U.S. Army battle cry used by soldiers "Referring to or meaning anything and everything except no.

UPDATE: Dinner was much better today, they all tried raw spinach and ate carrots and orange slices with dinner of pizza.  Attitudes are improving, but I know I'm still going to face more as time wears on.  They are all thinking this is a punishment of sorts and will end eventually.  :o)

On the increased chores/laundry situation, they were all pretty excited to get their own hampers and their own colored towels and wash cloths.  We'll see how it goes. The thing that worries me the most here, is that they will wash all colors together.  But it shouldn't be a problem in cold water and with pre-washed clothes.  We'll see!

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  1. Me thinks I am going to ship my children off to boot camp Kari...

    I am so proud of you GF, you are doing your boys such a service, and though they will not thank you NOW...they will appreciate it as they grow older...and you will also when they are all teens and have a better attitude for it, and just keep in mind, no matter how hard a time they give you ATM it would be a 100x worse if you wait for those teen yrs and are fighting hormones to boot.

    Keep up the good work...Will keep you in my prayers.

    *hugs* Kelsie


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