Stone Soup for Five: Our fireplace makeover, part ONE

Our fireplace makeover, part ONE

So, we've been working on this re-do for three days now, and it's coming along nicely. Mr. Measure is pretty impressive with his newly learned woodworking skills and we've learned quite a bit at Home Depot, by trial and error... mostly error.

Lesson One: In Home Depot (or Lowes--which, btw seems more expensive) READ the signs, especially on the molding/edging/baseboard stuff. There is a stainable wood section and a composite section--which is where we should have been, since we're just painting stuff. So we spent more than we needed to, but that's okay because we're beginners. Just take note if you're learning too!
Lesson Two: Mr. Measure likes to measure and re-measure. I'm ADD with most things and prefer the slap-it-together, good-enough method. It's been frustrating and eye-opening to do things the RIGHT (read: measuring) way. Mr. Measure can actually get pieces to fit perfectly!

Okay, enough blah blah blah... here are the In Process pictures!

Here we screwed a 2x2 to the stud in the wall, then a 2.4 on top of it to get it out to the edge of the bricks.

Then we put a 1x6 onto the 2x4 to wrap around the edge of the bricks. If we weren't going to be putting in a woodburning insert, I would have used a 1x12 to be a bit wider, but didn't want to risk spontaneous fires, so 1x6 it is.

Then we screwed a 1x8 on top of the side pieces, to lay over the bricks. Mr. Measure says "It is exceedingly level."

Screwing the 1x8 facing boards in place on the front and sides.

And here you see expensive mistake #1, the fancy boards we bought for the front posts... they are staninable wood, not the composite. We could have spent about $20 less, if we had known. But now we do... and knowing is half the battle.

to be continued....

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