Stone Soup for Five: Almost done with the mantle!

Almost done with the mantle!

Things are looking good. I managed to paint around Mr. Measure... he did not enjoy that, but I just HAD to! Here Corey is attaching the 1x3 slats to the wall that will frame in the beadboard that I HAD TO HAVE! LoVe Beadboard!! So country, so sophicated, so cool! I can't believe I get to have beadboard up in my house!! :o)

I had to set the first panel of beadboard in, just to dream. We had to go to bed at this point, but I was DYING to see it!

Here it is, caulked in and attached. We needed the beadboard sheet 64" long, and the panel they had wasn't 64" long, and I guess I couldn't explain to the guy at Home Depot how I wanted it cut, because he cut it wrong, then just looked at me, open-mouthed when I tried to explain. It was ugly, but Corey eventually got it all to work! Whataguy!

I couldn't go to bed without playing JUST A BIT...

I'm priming and painting today, but did put up my first official "Mantlescape". But it all has to come down tonight to finish painting.

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